Pat -N- Rick's Mi-Ki's
Pat -N- Rick's Mi-Ki's are a small
family owned and operated breeder and our
Mi-Ki's are our babies since we are
empty-nester's.  Our Mi-Ki's are show dogs
that have won both National and
International Championships.  We keep our
dogs in excellent health and at the
appropriate age get them OFA and CERF

We believe if you are buying a dog of this
quality you should be allowed to see the
parents in their home environment.  We
always welcome people to our home to  see
how our dogs are raised.

We currently live in
Central Florida and can
arrange delivery either personally or by
courier nationwide.

Our puppies are well socialized as well.  We
have grandchildren visiting often, so they
are accustomed to people at an early age.
MI-KI's - The Perfect Dog

If you are looking for a dog that is beautiful,
intelligent, and a loving companion than look
no further.  The rare breed Mi-Ki is the dog of
your dreams.  These lap dogs love to hang
out on your lap or cuddle around your neck.

The Mi-Ki not only comes in a variety of
colors it also has two different types of
coats.  The long coat is more common and
very easily maintained.  The smooth coat has
feathered ears and legs, but no beard and
mustache.  All Mi-Ki's have hair, not fur, so
are great for people with allergies or anyone
who doesn't want the hassle of shedding.

The Mi-Ki's personality is truly the most
lovable dog I have ever seen.  We have taken
our Mi-Ki's to malls, art fairs, and many other
places.  Everywhere we go, people stop to
inquire about this breed of dogs.  Of course,
the dogs love all the attention.

Mi-Ki's are very intelligent and easy to train.  
We start all our puppies with puddle pad
training, the new owners can then decide to
continue with the puddle pad or have them
go outdoors.